SHN Sports

Mission, Vision and Core Values

At SHN | sports we believe in a mission. We focus on a vision to fulfill that mission, and we take to heart core values that drive us.

SHN’s mission is to deliver professional broadcasts for football, baseball, and basketball athletic programs, with an opportunity to give back to local communities and organizations.

SHN’s vision is to be a leader in broadcasting by nurturing a dedicated culture, actively engaging in new technologies, and working with our partners to help develop their brand. SHN believes that every athletic program should have an opportunity to have a broadcast.

Core Values

Community Comes First

  • We exist to provide a service for athletic programs that the communities can engage in.
  • Giving back to the athletic programs and non-profit organizations in the communities we broadcast is imperative.

Our Audience is Important

  • We want to reach as many people as possible for each broadcast by utilizing technology and the best mediums to broadcast from.
  • We respect our audience.

SHN Partners are Valuable

  • Advertising makes our broadcasts possible.
  • We consider our advertisers partners of SHN.
  • We will bring value to our partners’ brands by delivering professional broadcasts and advertisements.

We Embrace Change and Encourage Innovation

  • We don’t fear failure. We strive for success. Failure helps us learn and develop.
  • There is no limit to what we can do. We aim high, and work hard to achieve our goals.
  • We work with others who offer new ideas and are willing to go above and beyond.

Culture is Key

  • We develop our culture by listening to their needs and concerns, engaging in new ideas, and keeping things organized.
  • We are respectful to others.
  • We present ourselves in a professional manner.
  • We work hard and take our jobs serious.
  • We have fun and enjoy doing what we do.